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Pay per click, as its name indicates, sounds like an advertiser’s dream come true. By using pay per click, also known as “PPC”, ads shown on search engine pages and on other websites, you only pay when a visitor clicks on your advertisement. And your ad only appears in response to certain keywords that you have selected. The major search engines offer pay-per-click advertising and typically have comprehensive online interfaces for setting up and starting your campaigns.

Because a “click” can cost as little as $0.05 and there is little or no upfront investment, pay per click is extraordinarily accessible. Yet PPC has its own set of rules, which need to be understood to get the right results. When we discuss PPC campaigns with our customers, we point out the subtle interplay between a number of different factors, such as:

Cost per click – On the face of it, the simple concept of how much it costs you when someone clicks on your ad. Yet cost per click can vary widely according to the keyword you have chosen and the way that your ad has been written.

Click through rate – The number of times people click on your ad, compared to the number of times it is displayed. A higher click through rate may be seen by a search engine as a sign of quality, in which case your cost per click goes down, as traffic to your site goes up.

Keyword matching – PPC systems are smart. You can choose to have your ad appear on exact matches of a keyword or also on similar matches. It’s a way of instantly broadening your appeal.

Ad wording – Small differences in wording can lead to sizable differences in click through rate and follow-on sales. As a consequence, you may also see your advertising costs decrease on a per click basis.

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Pay Per Click Advertising Campaign Management

At Crowd-Pleaser Designs, we manage PPC campaigns for a number of clients. Our knowledge and experience in this area allows us to set up, track and adjust your campaign for optimized results. Whether you are starting a test-campaign using a core set of exact keywords, or running advertising on large sets of “broad matches”, we apply the same diligence.

PPC campaign planning

By making sure that we hear firsthand from you about what you want to achieve, we can then define a plan to suit. We’ll identify keywords that are the best positioned for you in terms of customer interest and competitive offerings. We’ll write the PPC ads for maximum impact. We’ll set up your campaigns and manage your budget to pre-defined levels.

Advertising analytics

Because PPC is an Internet technology, a wealth of information is available for tracking ad performance. Besides the basic levels of click-through-rate for example, we can analyze your ads for their performance for different keywords. We can even follow your customers along each link in the route from PPC click to paid-for sale.

Campaign adjustment and optimization

Naturally, Crowd-Pleaser Designs goes further – much further. We’ll actively test different PPC advertising for you, to systematically select and keep what works best for you. We’ll tune the words in your sponsored link, the keywords associated to each ad and the cost per click. We’ll streamline the selling process with you on your different web pages.

And we’ll do all of this for you with the following in mind: increasing the business results that you want, while decreasing the amount that you have to spend. So put the management of your PPC campaigns in Crowd-Pleaser Design’s hands for a worry-free, professional and effective solution.

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