Our SEO Pricing

Our SEO Pricing

The actual pricing of your SEO will depend on the competitiveness of your website, the type of SEO desired and, of course, the number of keywords that are to be promoted:

Competitiveness plays a critical role in SEO. The more competitive a website, the longer it takes for it to be promoted. There are two pieces to the puzzle: (1) the number of competing websites that you are dealing with and (2) the competitiveness of the keywords (search terms) being promoted. Together, these 2 elements determine competitiveness and that in turn determine the time and effort involved.

Type of SEO
Websites can have local, regional, national or international audiences. The effort involved in optimizing a website is directly dependent on the target audience. Typically, the effort (and time) increases as the coverage increases so there is more work required to promote a website internationally, rather than locally. Different strategies are used depending on the desired reach of the website.

Number of Keywords
The number of keywords you elect to have us promote (optimize) for your website is yet another strong determining cost factor. The more keywords you select, the more effort it takes. The amount of time taken and effort to promote 25 keywords as compared to 10 keywords is significantly more. And, as is the case with everything, more effort generally translates into increased cost.

All SEO projects are priced individually and this section provides guidelines on what you can expect. The actual cost of every SEO project is comprised of the one time in-depth analysis and theone time on-page optimization plus the monthly cost of ongoing optimization, monitoring and reporting. The one-time cost of the analysis and the on-page optimization is highly dependent on the design, layout, structure and current search engine rank of the website that is to be optimized. Please view our SEO Process section for specific details of what is typically included in optimization activities.

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